Douro Superior

A memorable trip to the Superior Douro, from the mouth of the Pinhão River to the beautiful village of Senhora da Ribeira. This program, made aboard our emblematic Friendship I, provides the fantastic experience of passing through a lock. It is a trip that goes through the great Douro estates and the famous Cachão da Valeira strait, where D. Antónia Ferreirinha and the famous Baron Forrester were shipwrecked in 1861. This accident occurred when the Douro River was still a stormy and untamed river. The construction of several dams along the river in the 1960s transformed the Douro River into what it is today – one of the few navigable, calm and extremely safe European Rivers. Pipadouro proposes 3 menu options for this Classic: Pipadouro’s Tasting, Pipadouro’s Menu and DOC Restaurant Menu.