What more could we want? A light, quiet lunch with delicious dishes thought out and prepared with all the attention and care, accompanied by an excellent selection of Douro wines. When you embark on this journey, you will have at your disposal the “Pipadouro Tasting Menu”, a menu thought on the flavors and smells of the Douro, appealing to all senses to get to know the Douro.

Starting with the olive oil from the emblematic Douro “mortórios” (land devastated by phylloxera), the Port wine balsamic vinegar and almonds and olives, the local bread and the “bôla” with an original PipaDouro recipe, through the careful selection of DOP cheeses, among them the Terrincho cheese, made from the milk of the Terrincha sheep characteristic of the Douro region, and the unmistakable local sausages, we promise an incredible journey of flavors, with a delight in our Vintage Codfish, in the PipaDouro Alheira or in our PipaDouro Portobello.

Our suggestion to sweeten this day is a delicious Caramelized Almond Pie, prepared with all the dedication and pleasure we put into what we do, or, alternatively, a small jewel of Portuguese sweets: “Barriga de Freira”, considered one of the 7 gastronomic wonders of Portugal.

Naturally, all this accompanied by our delicious DOC Douro wines, the pinnacle of Portuguese wine creation. Our wine list includes wines produced by our partners, Quinta do Crasto and Real Companhia Velha, in the variants of white wines, rosé wines, red wines and port wines.

Embark on this journey with Pipadouro Vintage Wine Travel.