Friendship I

A 1957 English boat, a 66-foot-long Wooden Yacht Classic, built at the extent E.F. Elkins shipyard in Christchurch in southern England.

It has a double hull made of Honduras Mahogany wood, riveted to copper, which gives it added value both in safety and value, powered by two 308 HP GM engines.

The Friendship I arose from a Royal Navy request for two identical boats. It had, and maintains, the fundamental characteristics for this type of mission, which were speed of navigation, safety, and autonomy.

As it was an English boat the comfort could not fail to be a characteristic, as it was a boat of the highest ranks of the English Navy, Pipadouro is proud to still have an Oporto Wine Decanter in crystal which is in the Bar since its first mission.

The Friendship I was in the service of the British Navy and had the mission of transporting the Admirals on their trips to the high seas for the exchange of officers on the warships.

During 2007 it was subject to a careful restoration keeping its original structure. It was adapted with an innovative security system, air conditioning, and waste treatment, making this classic from the 1950s equipped with the best technology of the 21st century. The recovery took place at “O Navegador” shipyard, considered one of the three best shipyards in the world in the reconstruction of this class of boats.

In 2021, after 14 years, the ‘Friendship I’ was submitted to a thorough restoration, while preserving the unique features of the boat, keeping its grandeur and safeguarding its longevity.

Pipadouro II

Boat classified in the Vintage Boat class, with 30 feet long, dates from 1965. The American Chris-Craft designs were used in its construction at João Brites shipyard in Lisbon.

“Pipadouro II’ is equipped with modern security and waste treatment systems, and was completely adapted to have the comfort and glamour of the 60s.

In its original construction were used the designs of the famous American brand Chris-Craft and was built all in wood in the shipyards of João Brites, in Lisbon.

When acquired by Pipadouro Vintage Wine Travel, it was subject to a deep intervention. The responsibility of the work was in charge of Jaime Costa & F.os shipyards, based in Sarilhos Pequenos, Moita, which have been restoring and building ‘Canoas à vela’, traditional wooden boats of the Tagus River, since 1955.

This beautiful and comfortable boat was originally owned by a Portuguese family who used the boat for leisure in the Tagus Estuary. It had a forward cabin for a couple, an interior room that converted into a bedroom and a bathroom.

Built in the 60s of the 20th century, it was used as a pleasure boat. In 1987 it was acquired and restored by a Gas company, having been reconverted to transport clients and administrators of that company. In 2007 Pipadouro Vintage Wine Travel acquired this boat, naming it “Pipadouro II”.