For those who want to get to know the Douro in winter, Pipadouro has created the perfect program for this season!
The Douro has magic on colder days, the colors, smells, and warm flavors envelop anyone who ventures on this journey.
For lovers of cold days and the tranquility of small villages, we know this is the right program. At this time of year, the town of Pinhão is home to calm days, the perfect pace for those who want to get to know all the details, nooks, and crannies of this region.
Just for the cold seasons, we have created a trip where everything is experienced without haste. An exclusive program that will give you the freedom to stop the clock, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the warmth of the sunny days of the cold season on your face while listening to the sounds of nature.
During this experience you can taste a menu designed with coziness and comfort in mind, with hot and cold drinks, teas and, of course, delicious Port wines.
You’ll be accompanied by a qualified crew full of unique stories to share as you navigate the waters of this emblematic river, capable of inspiring poets, painters and all those willing to dive into this enchanted realm.
We guarantee that the cold will invite you to quietly contemplate these unique landscapes of perfect symbiosis between nature and the work done by the hand of man in the construction of all the vineyards that outline the mountains.