Pipadouro started the activity in 2007 with the mission to provide unforgettable experiences to those who visit us, combining the excellence and quality of our services to the beauty and authenticity of a unique region, the Douro Valley. It has the innovative concept of Vintage Wine Travel, a luxury River Tourism, with a quality service, in boats that stand out for their charm of the 50’s and 60’s, classified as ‘Gentleman’s Vintage Boats’.

Pipadouro offers Classic Programs and Programs based on the tailor made concept, with the exclusivity of the boats, which allows the creation of unique programs, to the taste and measure of each client. We also propose Daily Regular Programs, more economical, with a predefined route and schedule, without the exclusivity, but with the same service, charm and quality that define our Premium concept.

Traveling with Pipadouro – Vintage Wine Travel in the Douro is totally original. Our classic boats redefine Wine Tourism and give an extra dimension to a fine and exciting Wine and Gastronomic Experience. Discover the Douro and start planning your own adventure in the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

Beauty & Refinement

Unique Boats

All the structural originality and the characteristic English refinement, allied with the best technology of the 21st century.