Pipadouro is the best choice for a unique, exclusive, and personalized experience to get to know the stunning landscapes of the Douro, to taste its flavors and its best wines, which are true nectars of the Gods.

Imagine yourself aboard a classic boat made of wood, with the charm of the 50s and 60s, a vintage décor, silver details, and linen fabrics, where your requests are met with all the professionalism and courtesy you deserve.

Here you can choose your place of departure. From Barca D’alva, a village that borders Spain and where the Douro Portuguese River begins, a region full of history and unique beauty, which in mid-February until the end of March, paints its banks white and pink with the arrival of amendoeiras in bloom, a unique setting that completes the serenity of the river in the Superior Douro. Passing through the Village of Pinhão, known as the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region where Pipadouro has its private pier, to the Mouth of the Douro River, in the emblematic city Invicta, Porto, where you can see its characteristic bridges, the picturesque Ribeira do Porto and the one and only Serra do Pilar in Vila Nova de Gaia.

It is guaranteed that in all its navigable extension, the Douro River has an undeniable beauty and grandeur.

You can decide how many hours you want to navigate, with programs ranging from 1 hour of navigation to programs of 2 days or more, that will allow you to know all the treasures and magic that the Douro River has.

What products do you want to taste, from the regional sausages of Vila do Pinhão, typical products of the city of Vila Real or Chaves to the most coveted gourmet products of renowned Portuguese Chefs and what wines you want to taste, starting for example with the delicious wines of Real Companhia Velha with a history of 265 years of existence or the incredible wines of the famous Quinta do Crasto with a history dating from 1615, finally a vast range of options that make your trip through the Douro unforgettable.

Pipadouro guarantees that all your requests will be fulfilled and that your Douro Dream will come true in the best way possible.