The Douro is indisputably a blessed land, with a unique terroir that confers superior quality to everything produced in this region. At Pipadouro, we are dedicated to offering our customers the utmost authenticity and quality. For this, we recognize that, in addition to providing the best service on board a unique boat, on a “river of gold”, we also must know, select, and present the best products in the region.

The Douro demarcated region is rich in a wide range of products, from grapes, oranges, almonds and of course, olives. The vineyards are the hallmark of the Douro, built by the hardworking hands of men and women who, with sweat and dedication, drew the most beautiful pictures of the stories of the Douro in their mountains. The Olive groves are another element that complete this beauty with their olives and oils that present themselves as products of great richness and identity of the region.

Considering these two essential elements to discover the Douro, we have carefully prepared an olive oil tasting on board our boats, which can be tasted while contemplating some of the most sublime olive groves in the Douro. Our selection includes extra virgin olive oils from Real Companhia Velha, specifically Quinta das Carvalhas and Quinta dos Aciprestes, olive oils from Quinta do Crasto, in the Selection and Premium ranges and Senhora D’Alva olive oil.

When boarding Pipadouro, you will have access to the technical sheets that will guide you to better understand the characteristics of each of these unique and delicious olive oils. It is common sense that Douro oils have an enhanced aromatic sophistication because they combine aromas of dried fruits, sweet spices, and aromatic herbs. They are true “gardens of aromas”, with medium intensity, light touches of sweetness and moderation in the bitter and spicy.

We invite you to embark on an aromatic journey of discovery and knowledge about Douro olive oils, thus exploring its sensory richness.