Pipadouro believes that only with strong and trustworthy partnerships can we reach the next level of the unique experiences that the Douro region already offers. We therefore present to you, with great enthusiasm, the new partnership between Pipadouro – Vintage Wine Travel and Symington Family Estates.

The restaurant Bomfim 1896 with Chef Pedro Lemos, holder of a Michelin star, brings us a distinctive and incomparable gastronomic experience. We aim to elevate your experience with Pipadouro by serving delicacies specially made by the renowned chef on board our classic boats.

Inspired by the memories and aromas of the cuisine, the Bomfim 1896 Picnic, and the Bomfim 1896 Menu, paired with Symington wines, with a sophisticated touch, reflect the region’s heritage. Always using fresh, seasonal ingredients, each dish is a celebration of authentic flavors and a tribute to our country’s gastronomy.

Pipadouro is committed to presenting a unique and memorable experience, and the partnership with Symington Family Estates is the perfect way to achieve this. Aboard Friendship I and Pipadouro II, you will have the pleasure of tasting exclusive creations by Chef Pedro Lemos and delighting in dishes that explore the secrets of our region, all carefully prepared to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

While you peacefully sail through the breathtaking landscapes of the Douro River, aboard vintage boats from the 50s and 60s, you now also have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful cruise to Senhora da Ribeira, in the Upper Douro, and immerse yourself in the history and unparalleled beauty of Quinta do Vesúvio.

Join us on this exclusive adventure, in luxurious and relaxing surroundings, in what is a perfect harmonization between the culture and taste of Portugal. Enjoy the absolute best that the Douro has to offer!