Friendship I is a 1957 English boat, a 66-foot long Wooden Yacht Classic, built in the now defunct shipyards of E.F. Elkins in Christchurch in the South of England. In 2007, when acquired by PIPADOURO, it underwent a careful restoration, maintaining its original structure and 2021 was the year in which it underwent a thorough restoration for 8 long months.

This restoration had the fundamental collaboration of the Ondastar company, responsible for all the interior, exterior and equipment maintenance work, and which solicitously sought the best partner to carry out the deck replacement works, the Spanish company Nauteka, also essential for the success of this restoration.

On August 23, FRIENDSHIP I returned to the waters of the Douro River with all its splendor and authenticity. Its first tour after the restoration took place in Foz do Rio Douro.

A private, relaxed and charming ‘Sunset’, perfect for contemplating, on one side, the beauty of the city Porto, with the cluster of colorful houses, full of life and stories, with narrow streets and terraces full of people that wave when see the boat pass by and on the other side the mythical Cais de Gaia where you can admire the iconic Port Wine Cellars and the famous Serra do Pilar that takes your breath away with such beauty. Not forgetting the contrast between the natural beauty of the Douro River and the impressive engineering works of the famous 6 bridges that connect the two cities, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

This experience aboard this emblematic Vintage Yacht, becomes unforgettable due to the surrounding scenery and the atmosphere that is felt when we board. Here we find the luxury experience that Pipadouro offers, where elegance is valued for simplicity and authenticity, where time is stopped so that you can live and feel each moment so that it is etched in your memory forever, where you know each person to make it unique at that moment.

Pipadouro seeks to create value, a set of details, distinct services, quality products and attention that demonstrate its importance to the customer.